Living Loud was founded by people with diabetes to help people with diabetes live longer, healthier and happier lives. Our mission is to unite into one voice to improve education, inspiration and support for everyone with diabetes.


There are 4.5m million people with diabetes in the UK, and another 5 million with pre-diabetes. We are nearly 10 million in total. That's 10 million patients, also 10 million consumers, and 10 million voters.  Think what we could do if we spoke with one voice.


The more voices we join together the greater our strength. With that strength we can lobby government and health providers to give us better services. With that strength we can pressure industry to give us better products and choice. With that strength we can push the media to move on from the culture of blame and shame around diabetes.


Living Loud is dedicated to supporting those with type 1 diabetes to successfully manage their condition, live more and love life.


Living Loud is dedicated to changing the culture around type 2 diabetes from one of inevitable decline to a message of hope and the goal of reversal through a low carb diet.

Join us.


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