November 29, 2016

GUEST: Tackling the Obesity Epidemic

Portcullis House, Westminster

Meeting of MPs and members of the Obesity Health Alliance to discuss the soft drinks levy.

November 24, 2016

DELEGATE: Preventing Illness 2016

The Welcome Trust, London

A gather of medical, scientific and public health professionals looking at how we can create a preventative health system within communities.

November 14, 2016

SPEAKER: Sugar Debate at Brighton University

Cockcroft Building, Brighton University

The students of Brighton University debate a self-imposed levy on high-sugar soft drinks in Student Union outlets. This is following the massive success of Sugar Smart across the other university outlets.

November 14, 2016

SUPPORTER: World Diabetes Day


Global awareness campaign from the World Diabetes Forum, please lend your support

November 08, 2016

PANELIST: Sugar Debate at plate2planet Live

Barber-Surgeon’s Hall, Moorgate, London

Dan Parker joins the panel at the Plate2Planet conference, a sustainability event for the hospitality industry

November 04, 2016

SPEAKER: Child Obesity Summit

The Royal Society, London

Following publishing of the government's Childhood Obesity Strategy Dan Parker will be joining the Chief Medical Officer, Chair of the Commons Health Select Committee and representatives of the major public sector, charitable and commercial  bodies. We'll be reviewing the implications of the strategy and the best way forward.

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