422 milllion diabetics worldwide

1980: 108 million diabetics
2035: 600 million diabetics

It is estimated that another 193 million  people have undiagnosed diabetes

10% Type 1 Diabetes

In Type 1 Diabetes the body incorrectly identifies the useful cells in pancreas which produce insulin as a an attacking organism. They are killed off by specific antibodies created by the body’s immune system rendering the person incapable of regulating the amount of glucose in the blood.

90% Type 2 Diabetes

In simple terms the pancreas is an engine which makes insulin. Insulin is a key, it unlocks cells and lets in sugar. The more fat around the cells, the more insulin you need. The more sugar in the blood the more insulin you need. The more insulin you need the harder the pancreas has to work. You push the engine too hard it starts to under perform. That's Type 2 diabetes.

The fat person's disease

10% of Type 2 Diabetics are not overweight

20% of Type 2 Diabetics are chronically obese

70% of Type 2 Diabetics are "just a little heavy"

Diabetes is chronic, incurable and degenrative

Complexitites include blindness, sexual dysfunction, kidney disease, lower limb amputation, depression and heart disease


 7,000 amputations per year in the UK


50% of Type 2 Diabetics suffer acute or chronic pain or depression levels similar to people with terminal cancer

Diabetes costs the NHS over £10bn per year

Diabetes demands three times more from the NHS than all forms of cancer combined. One in six hospitals beds is occupied by a diabetic.

Its doesn't need to be this way


Our mission is to stem the onset and degeneration of diabetes through positive eating. We strive to give consumers the choice, direction and desire to choose tasty and exciting foods which are low in sugar.

We've only just started and could do with all the support we can get