Living Loud brings together people from public health to public relations, media to medicine and  maestros of digital technology. 


David Alexander

Agency| Fundraiser

Commercial fund raiser, sales man extraordinaire and social change consultant.

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Matthew Balch

Creative| Mobile

Creative media professional with extensive experience in marketing,  sales and staff management. 

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Dr David Cavan

Doctor | Author

Medical doctor who has worked in the field of diabetes for over 25 years and pioneer of reversing diabetes.

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Victor Villalobos

Behavioural Designer

Behaviour scientist and designer specialising in obesity and diabetes out of UC, Berkeley

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Dr Rangan Chatterjee

Doctor | Broadcaster

NHS GP, Real Food Junkie, Super Generalist. As seen on BBC One's Doctor in the House.

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Dr Vladimir Ljubicic

Doctor | Technologist

Medical Doctor dedicated to bringing advanced technology and precision medicine to the everyday care of patients. 

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Matthew Maxwell

Digital Creative

A digital creative. Matt devises and designs products that help brands prosper in the modern world.  

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Carmel McConnell

Campaigner | Author

Magic Breakfast CEO ensures  31,000 vulnerable school children in this country receive a healthy breakfast every day.

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Dan Parker

Creative | Technologist

Reformed junk food marketing guy and Chief Executive of Living Loud. 

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Jo Ralling

Campaigner | Producer

Media & campaign executive specialising in  leading consumer health advocacy campaigns. Founder of Sugar Smart.

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Debbie Simmons


Former European Board Director at The Marketing Store Worldwide, and founder of The Big Kick Agency 

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