Our mission is to stem the onset and degeneration of diabetes through positive eating. We strive to give consumers the choice, direction and desire to choose tasty and exciting foods which are low in sugar.

Our mission

We want to help diabetics and pre-diabetics to find great food that doesn’t spike their blood sugar levels.

Diabetics and pre-diabetics have a better chance of leading long, healthy and rich lives if they control their weight and blood sugar levels. A choice only of miserable, dull food will end in failure. To succeed we need great tasting, safe food that doesn’t require constant will power to enjoy. We need delicious, easy to prepare and cheap meals at home. We need choice and direction out of home. We want tasty snacks that we can pick up on the go. Additionally we will expose and seek regulation of those that give misleading choice and direction on sugar content.

We will campaign for a balanced presentation of diabetes in the media.

The media usually portrays diabetes using images of chronically obese people. The reality is that type 1 diabetes is not linked to obesity and only 20% of type 2 diabetics are chronically obese. Those images lead those that just “a little heavy” to think they are not at risk of diabetes.


The media increasingly refers to diabetes as a lifestyle disease, rather than a generic disease bought on by poor lifestyles choices. This feeds the culture of blame and shame. This sense of stigma only hinders a diabetic’s fight to be healthier. We want diabetics to improve their diet and exercise, get healthier, get fitter and reduce the risk of the complexities. The best way to reduce these complexities it to offer understanding, education, support and workable alternatives; the culture of blame and shame helps no one.

We will use the power of advertising and behaviour design to build a desire for positive eating.

People cannot use will power all day, every day for the rest of their lives. Any strategy based on will power will fail. To succeed people need to have a genuine desire for positive food choices. 


We will encourage the use of advertising, marketing, packaging and other instruments of behavioural design to build desire for positive food choice. We will expose and try to prevent behaviour design which encourages high sugar consumption.

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