How a piece of string can extend your life by ten years.

There's one thing that I would beseech everybody to do, it’s really simple.....

  1. Get a piece string or a dressing gown cord, anything like that

  2. Measure out a piece to the height of your body

  3. Fold it in two

  4. Put that folded piece around your tummy, level with your belly button

  5. If the two ends meet, you're doing great, If they don’t then you’re overweight.

If you can get a fist width between the two ends then you’re in bad place, you need to read on...

"OK, so I'm a little heavy, but....."

I'll give you the numbers, you do the maths....

4 million diabetics in the UK

5 million more have raised sugar levels (pre-diabetes)

If you are overweight you are five times more likely to get diabetes

Over of third of people who get diabetes are not classified as obese, they are just a "little heavy".

The media always shows us people like this when they cover diabetes. People who are morbidly obese. Only 20% of diabetics are morbidly obese.

So don't for one second think diabetes isn't you.

Chose your menu

I would suggest you think in terms of three menus before you:

Menu 1: a little less sugar, a few less carbs, cut the fat back, and get some exercise most days. You’ll most likely not get diabetes, so tuck in and enjoy.

Menu 2: Keep on going as you are and chances are diabetes will hit at some point in middle age. But you’re smart and will be one of the 40% of Type 2 Diabetics that manage the glucose, fat and pressure levels of their blood. However a few things are coming off the menu - goodbye beer, wine, champagne, chocolate, anything sweet, patisserie, pies, juices, smoothies, breakfast cereals and white fluffy carbs like potatoes, pasta and rice. Eating out is a nightmare.

Menu 3: If you don’t stick to menu 2, then you’ll get menu 3. It has three course. We start with a numbness in your feet, rapidly fading eye sight, sexual dysfunction all washed down with a little depression. For the main course we’ve got kidney disease, lower limb amputation and blindness. Then we’ll finish nice and early with dementia and heart attack.

Your choice.

It’s flippant to just say lose weight, do more exercise, it’s harder than that. I am going to try over the coming months to find better solutions to the growing epidemics of obesity and diabetes. The more support I have the more influence, grants and funding I can use to tackle this, so please follow, please share, help me to help you.

A final thought….

Diabetes UK calculates that the life expectancy of someone with type 2 diabetes is likely to be reduced, as a result of the condition, by up to 10 years. Those might be the years when you meet your grandchildren.

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