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Advertising - Communications - Technology

Wonders of our age that have immense power to influence human behaviour.

At Living Loud we’d like to see them doing LESS HARM and MORE GOOD.


MORE GOOD with veg

In 2018 we agreed to lead on Veg Power, a project to use

advertising to inspire people to eat more veggies. Working with

the brilliant Jo Ralling, Claire Wright and Anna Taylor and the many friends of the Food Foundation and Living Loud something wonderful happened…

> We smashed our crowdfund target raising £180,000

> We partnered with ITV to launch Eat Them to Defeat Them

> Kids, celebs, schools, communities, supermarkets all went a bit bonkers

> All in all, we delivered a campaign with a commercial value over £10m

> We reached into the homes of 40m people

> The kids loved it, and even ate more veg

Watch the advert

2 minutes case study

Veg Power website - check out the recipes

Get the full low down Veg Power at Food Matters Live 2019

Evaluation report on the whole thing due in September and a bigger, better and bolder campaign next year. Watch this space



We’ve been busy campaigning to reduce the impact junk food marketing has on kids. Here are our favourites morsels:

> Appearing before the G20 summit on childhood obesity

> Appearing before the House of Commons Heath Select Committee

> Masses of conference speeches, including Big Tent, Eat Forum and Food Matters Live

> Submissions to government consultation on Childhood Obesity Plan 2

> Popping up on telly including Sky News and Newsnight

> Working with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s on Britain’s Fat Fight on the BBC

> Newspapers too, including The Times, Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Telegraph

> Top spot was page 2 of The Sun making the point that the current digital marketing regulations are worthless.

> Worked with the wonderful Dr Mimi-Tatlow-Golden to study how much advertising kids see online.

> If you enjoy a good paper, try this one, our guide to regulating online

> Other projects, events and collaborations with CRUK, Obesity Health Alliance, the EU, Obesity Action Scotland, Irish Heart Foundation and Sustain.

Coming up....

> 9pm watershed on junk food ads dossier out soon

> You might see me on 20 Years of the Naked Chef on Channel 4



There is a growing grassroots movement of thousands who have

put their Type 2 Diabetes in remission through a smart diet

and healthier lifestyle.

Yet where is the bunting in the streets, the noble prizes

and talk of how we saved the NHS?

The entrenched medical establishment continue to drag their heels.

Real people, real suffering, mass scale, huge human and financial cost,

and there is a low cost, highly effective solution. Get on with it.

I thoroughly enjoy reading them the riot act at the International Diabetes Summit, here’s my speech

More to follow, watch this space.



I was absolutely delighted to help the brilliant and indomitable

Sue Pritchard with The RSA Food, Farming & Countryside Commission

report The Future in Our Land . Together we penned the section

on the Beetroot Bond, a big idea to change the whole food system,

to tackle food poverty, improve the nation’s health, cut plastic waste,

save rural economies and cut pollution from agriculture.

We talk of a crisis in public health, a climate change emergency,

spiralling poverty and we ain’t going to fix those tinkering

around the edges – we need a big bang, maybe this is it.



We need all the help we can get, please get in touch,

or back in touch, if you are able to help with any of this

Happy summer Thanks

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